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The Istrian white (''istrska belica'') is one of the most common sorts of olive trees in the Slovenian Istria. This oil carries a protected designation of origin – the PDO mark. Among all oils The Istrain white is the richest with natural antioxidants.
The oil is fruity, with a scent of green grass, tomatoes and almonds. It leaves us with a sweet taste which later becomes bitter and piquant. The Istrain white is of vivid green colour.

Picked and processed in only 4 hours.


Sorts: Istrska belica
Type: Monovarieral
Period of picking: From mid October to mid November
Category:  Intense Fruity
Harvest: 2020/2021
Net quantity: 0,1 L / 0,25 L / 0,5 L
Picked and pressed in only 4 hours.

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Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 6.0 × 31.0 cm
Istrska belica

0,1L, 0,25L, 0,5L

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