Kids olive oil

We have launched our Kids olive oil line in 2016. For babies, younger and older children. With a light, aromatic taste you can offer your child the best he or she can get. Extra virgin olive oil is important during whole life, starting young.
To make it more friendly to kids, we made a design specialy for them. The graphic image was designed by Slovenian children’s illustrator Irena Gubanc. They can connect the points and then colour it – and wow – there is a rocket olive oil.


Sorts: Leccino – Frantoio – Maurino – Ascolana ect.
Type: Blend
Period of picking: From mid October to mid November
Category: Medium Fruity
Harvest: 2020/2021
Net quantity: 0,5 L


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Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 6.0 × 31.0 cm