‘Baby olive oil.” Gentle olive oil exclusively available in Interspar Slovenia.
For nice, long hair and brain development. Less likely to develop obesity.
Olivija is for girls – match and color.

”Baby olive oil.” Light aromatic olive oil exclusively available in Interspar Slovenia.
Rich with vitamins – which means health and growth. Less likely to develop obesity.
Oliver is for boys – m
atch and color.

Welcome to the premium extra virgin olive oil Lisjak, which differs from the others, inter alia, by the fact that the olives are picked and pressed in only four hours. This provides the best quality and best taste. Our olive grooves are planted in the hinterland of the Slovenian Istria, from where we take hand picked olives in our own mill, which in unique in its appearance and abilities. We offer different olive oils, which are each special in itself and intended for combining with different dishes. We invite you to our olive oil tasting and a tour of the mill. You can also purchase our olive oils online.


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